Entertainment 24

From the quiz on 19/1/16. Download the audio for Q3 and Q8 here.

  1. Which pantomime features Widow Twankey, a pantomime dame who is the mother of the title character? Aladdin

  2. Which Irish stand-up was the original presenter of Catchphrase? Roy Walker

  3. **Which English comedian sings Life’s a Treat, the theme tune to the TV series Shaun the Sheep? [Play song] Vic Reeves

  4. In the series of platform–puzzle video games created by the Oliver Twins in the late 1980s, what food is the anthropomorphic hero Dizzy? Egg

  5. In the Disney animated TV series Recess, what is the one-word catchphrase of the four Ashleys? Scandalous

  6. Which boy band’s songs are the basis of the 2008 jukebox musical Never Forget? Take That

  7. English actor Alan Rickman received an Emmy, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his portrayal of which Russian mystic in a 1996 TV film subtitled Dark Servant of Destiny? Rasputin

  8. **To which 1962 film is this the overture, and who composed it? Lawrence of Arabia, composed by Maurice Jarre

  9. Which 1980s BBC drama series, whose name means “roll call” in Japanese, chronicles the lives of a group of women taken as prisoners of war after the Fall of Singapore in 1942? Tenko

  10. Electric Boogaloo, which is now used as a pejorative subtitle for any low-quality or formulaic sequel, originates from the sequel to which American comedy film of 1984? Breakin’ (aka Breakdance)


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