Christmas general knowledge 2

From the quiz on 15/12/15. Download the image for Q5 here.

  1. In the song The Twelve Days of Christmas, what did “my true love give to me” on the seventh day? (Seven) swans a-swimming

  2. Literally meaning “(wooden) post”, what is the name of the rich fruit and nut loaf traditionally eaten at Christmas in Germany? Stollen

  3. O star of wonder, star of night / Star with royal beauty bright / Westward leading, still proceeding / Guide us to thy perfect light” is the refrain of which popular Christmas carol? We Three Kings (of Orient Are)

  4. In Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, what is the name of Scrooge’s ex-fiancée? Belle

  5. **In which European country is the town of Gubbio, which every year illuminates nearby Mount Ingino in a shape of an enormous Christmas tree? Italy

  6. On Christmas Day 1950, what was stolen from Westminster Abbey by a group of Scottish nationalist students? Stone of Scone

  7. Who is the only King of England to have been crowned on Christmas Day? William the Conqueror

  8. What is the only song to have been UK Christmas number one twice (with the same version), first in 1975 and then in 1991? Bohemian Rhapsody

  9. What name, from the Swahili for “first”, is given to the week-long secular festival observed by African Americans from 26th December to 1st January? Kwanzaa

  10. In which Commonwealth country does Santa Claus have his own postcode, H0H 0H0? Canada



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