Sport & games 18

From the quiz on 8/12/15.

  1. In which track-and-field event is British athlete Jonathan Edwards the current men’s world record–holder? Triple jump

  2. In cricket, what name is given to a ball bowled so that it pitches immediately under the bat? Yorker

  3. What is the real first name of golfer Tiger Woods? Eldrick

  4. Who won the 1988 Wimbledon Ladies’ Singles, thereby ending Martina Navratilova’s run of six consecutive wins? Steffi Graf

  5. The world’s oldest rowing competition, which is known by the name of its prize, Doggett’s Coat and Badge, has taken place every year since 1715 on which river? Thames

  6. Which Tory MP won two Olympic gold and two Olympic silver medals as a 1,500-metres runner in the 1980s? Sebastian Coe

  7. Which American football team have appeared in eight Super Bowls, winning a record six of them (as of 2015)? Pittsburgh Steelers

  8. In roller derby, which position wears a helmet cover bearing two stars? Jammer

  9. The 1953 FA Cup final, in which Blackpool defeated Bolton Wanderers 4–3, is often referred to by the name of which player, who led his team to victory from a 3–1 deficit? Stanley Matthews

  10. In which specific sport is the Mosconi Cup contested annually between Europe and the USA? 9-ball pool


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