Specialist: The Office (UK)

From the quiz on 1/12/15.

  1. In the first episode, Downsize, what item of Gareth’s does Tim encase in jelly? Stapler

  2. In the episode Appraisals, who lists his only strength as “accounts” and his only weakness as “eczema”, before answering “don’t know” to every other question? Keith (Bishop)

  3. Before beginning his career in the paper industry, David was lead singer and rhythm guitarist with which band, known for their songs The Serpent Who Guards the Gates of Hell, Free Love Freeway and Equality Street? Foregone Conclusion

  4. In the episode The Quiz, what item does Finchy claim to have thrown over a pub in Chichester? (Copper) kettle

  5. In the episode Charity, while David performs his infamous dance routine, he hums the bassline from which song by The Trammps? Disco Inferno


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