Specialist: deserts

From the quiz on 1/12/15.

  1. The Trinity nuclear test was conducted by the United States on 16th July 1945 in a desert in which US state? New Mexico

  2. What is the usual name of the extensive collection of ancient geoglyphs, mostly of flora, fauna and geometric shapes, that are carved into a coastal desert plateau in southern Peru? Nazca lines

  3. The Karakum Desert occupies about 70% of which country in Central Asia? Turkmenistan

  4. With examples including Ubari in Libya and Issaouane in Algeria, what short word of Arabic origin is given to a large area of shifting, wind-blown sand dunes, especially in the Sahara? Erg

  5. In which desert in northwestern Nevada, which also hosts the annual Burning Man festival, did Andy Green set the world land speed record of about 763mph in 1997? Black Rock Desert


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