Specialist: skateboarding

From the quiz on 17/11/15. Download the images for questions 2 and 4 here.

  1. At the fifth X Games in 1999, Tony Hawk successfully performed which difficult skateboarding trick for the very first (documented) time? 900 (a 900° aerial spin)

  2. **Which American clothing brand, particularly known for its line of skateboarding shoes, uses this logo? Etnies

  3. The world’s first modern skate park was opened in 1976 in Carlsbad, a resort city in which coastal US state? California

  4. **What is the name of this extreme skateboarding air trick, in which the rider holds the board in their hand and and extends their arms and legs as if crucified? Christ air

  5. Which defunct American video game company created the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series and developed every core game until Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground (2007)? NeverSoft


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