General knowledge 58

From the quiz on 17/11/15.

  1. On which date is St Patrick’s Day celebrated? 17th March

  2. In standard poker, which category of hand ranks higher than a flush but lower than four of a kind? Full house

  3. What nickname is shared by boxer Nigel Benn and quizzer Shaun Wallace from ITV’s The Chase? Dark Destroyer

  4. Who was de-facto Queen of England for just nine days in 1553? Lady Jane Grey

  5. In the NATO phonetic alphabet, which word represents the letter Q? Quebec

  6. The precious stones aquamarine, emerald and morganite are all varieties of which mineral? Beryl

  7. What nationality is football manager and former striker Mido? Egyptian

  8. In music, how is a piece or passage marked ‘maestoso’ to be played? Majestically

  9. Which of Shakespeare’s title characters describes himself as “More sinned against than sinning”? King Lear

  10. Which common symbol was created by artist Gerald Holtom from the semaphore for the letters N and D (standing for “nuclear disarmament”)? Peace symbol (CND logo; ☮)


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