Sport & games 17

From the quiz on 10/11/15.

  1. In sumō, what do the wrestlers throw into the ring to purify it before each bout? Salt

  2. Sports commentator Murray Walker is affectionately referred to as the voice of which sport, having commentated on it for the BBC and ITV since 1976? Formula One

  3. Which Romanian tennis player was nicknamed the Bucharest Buffoon because of his frequent on-court misbehaviour? Ilie Năstase

  4. Named after the Norwegian-born businessman who spearheaded its creation, what is the women’s equivalent of the Ryder Cup? Solheim Cup

  5. What is the name of the sign language formerly used by bookmakers to exchange information about odds at racecourses? Tic-tac

  6. At the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, which country was defeated by the US in a final-round men’s ice hockey match dubbed the Miracle on Ice? Soviet Union

  7. In volleyball, what is the maximum number of consecutive ball touches each team is permitted to make? 3

  8. Which Scottish football team, nicknamed The Dons and who play their home games at Pittodrie Stadium, were managed by Alex Ferguson between 1978 and 1986? Aberdeen

  9. In which European country are the winter-sports resorts of Vallnord, Soldeu and El Pas de la Casa? Andorra

  10. At the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal, boxer Clarence Hill won the first (and to date only) Olympic medal for which non-sovereign Olympic nation? Bermuda


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