Specialist: Gunpowder Plot

From the quiz on 3/11/15.

  1. Which King of England did the Gunpowder Plot conspirators intend to assassinate? James I of England (VI of Scotland)

  2. Which of the King’s children were the conspirators planning to install as monarch had the assassination attempt borne fruit? Elizabeth Stuart (Elizabeth of Bohemia, The Winter Queen)

  3. On 26th October 1605, details of the plot were revealed in an anonymous letter sent to which member of the House of Lords? Lord Monteagle (William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle)

  4. When Guy Fawkes was arrested in the cellar of the House of Lords in early November 1605, what pseudonym did he give when asked for his name? John Johnson

  5. After Guy Fawkes’s arrest, the majority of the conspirators, including their leader, Robert Catesby, fled northwest and made their last stand at which country house in Staffordshire? Holbeche House


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