General knowledge 55

From the quiz on 27/10/15.

  1. What animal is the Warner Bros. character Pepé Le Pew? Skunk

  2. The złoty, subdivided into 100 groszy, is the standard monetary unit of which European country? Poland

  3. Which class of undergraduate degree is known colloquially as a Thora? Third

  4. In the board game Risk, what colour is Europe? Blue

  5. Which Italian car company produce the Aventador, Murciélago and Gallardo? Lamborghini

  6. What is the name of Popeye’s girlfriend? Olive Oyl

  7. Under which English king’s auspices was the Royal Society founded in 1660? Charles II

  8. In which English city is the soap Hollyoaks set? Chester

  9. Who is the only member of Black Sabbath to have been present continuously since the band was formed in 1968? Tony Iommi

  10. Which 1972 musical film holds the record for the most Academy Awards (8) won by a film that did not win Best Picture? Cabaret

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