Trivia snake 16

From the quiz on 6/10/15.

  1. Salt Lake City is the capital of and most populous city in which US state? Utah

  2. In 1960, which UK Prime Minister delivered his famous “Wind of Change” speech in Cape Town, South Africa? Harold Macmillan

  3. Which American singer–songwriter, daughter of sitar virtuoso Ravi Shankar, had UK number-one albums in the 2000s with Come Away with Me, Feels Like Home and Not Too Late? Norah Jones

  4. In 1981, which Irish racehorse won the Epsom Derby by a record ten lengths? Shergar

  5. Which English crime writer, who also wrote under the pseudonym Barbara Vine, created the fictional detective Reginald Wexford? Ruth Rendell

  6. Which board game, a simplified version of the ancient Indian game pachisi, has a name that literally means “I play” in Latin? Ludo

  7. Which BBC sitcom stars Hugh Dennis and Clare Skinner as Pete and Sue Brockman and centres on their turbulent family life with three unruly children named Jake, Karen and Ben? Outnumbered

  8. In which Devonshire town is Britannia Royal Naval College, which provides initial officer training for the Royal Navy? Dartmouth

  9. In which fictional land does Puff the Magic Dragon live in the 1962 song of the same name by Peter, Paul and Mary? Honalee

  10. Which Albanian–American actress plays Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Tru Davies in Tru Calling and Echo in Dollhouse? Eliza Dushku


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