Specialist: Nintendo

From the quiz on 6/10/15.

  1. Which traditional Japanese playing cards did Nintendo manufacture when it was founded in Kyōto in 1889 by Fusajirō Yamauchi? Hanafuda

  2. Which Japanese game designer and programmer was the fourth president of Nintendo from 2002 until his death in 2015 and the first not related to the founding Yamauchi family? Satoru Iwata

  3. When the Nintendo Entertainment System was released in North America in 1985, with which two peripherals was it bundled in order to convince retailers to stock it in spite of the catastrophic market crash two years earlier? R.O.B. and Zapper

  4. Shortly after its release in Europe and North America in 1999, for which Nintendo 64 game was Nintendo sued and forced to issue free gloves as a result of players suffering blisters and burns from rapidly rotating the joystick with their palms? Mario Party

  5. Released exclusively in Japan in 1977 and dedicated to a Pong-like game called Light Tennis, what is the name of the first video game console ever released by Nintendo? Color TV-Game 6


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