Specialist: (UK) soap operas

From the quiz on 29/9/15.

  1. In Emmerdale, what was the titular village originally called, before it was renamed in response to the catastrophic plane crash of 30th December 1993? Beckindale

  2. Which actress and former member of Popstars band Hear’Say has played Michelle Connor in Coronation Street since 2006? Kym Marsh

  3. In EastEnders, after Ronnie Branning’s son James died of SIDS, with whose newborn son Tommy did he secretly swap him? Kat and Michael Moon’s

  4. What is the name of the central pub in Hollyoaks, which was originally run by Alvin Stardust’s character Greg Andersen and intentionally burnt down by Sam Owen in 2006 before being rebuilt? The Dog (in the Pond)

  5. In Brookside, which character played by Anna Friel, who also shared the first (UK) pre-watershed lesbian kiss, stabbed her father Trevor to death and buried his corpse under the patio before fleeing to Ireland when found out by a neighbour? Beth Jordache


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