Geography 15

From the quiz on 22/9/15.

  1. On which river does Paris stand? Seine

  2. Which African country’s flag consists of three equal vertical bands of green, white and green? Nigeria

  3. In which US mountain range is Yosemite National Park situated? Sierra Nevada

  4. How many hills was the ancient city of Rome founded on? 7

  5. In which English county is Church Flatts Farm, which has been identified by Ordnance Survey as the place in Britain that is farthest from the sea? Derbyshire

  6. Which is the largest (by area) of the United Arab Emirates? Abu Dhabi

  7. Which two Asian countries are separated by the Johor Strait? Malaysia and Singapore

  8. Which is the only country in the Commonwealth of Nations located in South America? Guyana

  9. On which sea is the Russian port of Vladivostok situated? Sea of Japan

  10. Which waterfall is known in the local Tonga language as Mosi-oa-tunya (“the smoke that thunders”)? Victoria Falls


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