General knowledge 50

From the quiz on 22/9/15.

  1. In bingo, which number is nicknamed ‘two little ducks’? 22

  2. Who plays Ron Weasley in the eight Harry Potter films? Rupert Grint

  3. In which fictional prison is the classic BBC sitcom Porridge set? HMP Slade

  4. Forgiven, Not Forgotten, Talk on Corners and In Blue are studio albums by which Irish pop-rock band? The Corrs

  5. In the military, for what does the name of the infantry transport vehicle APC stand? Armoured Personnel Carrier

  6. Which feature of London is known in Cockney rhyming slang as the Oxo? London Underground (Tube)

  7. Which English football club are nicknamed The Eagles and play their home games at Selhurst Park? Crystal Palace

  8. The word ‘salary’ originally referred to a Roman soldier’s allowance for the purchase of which commodity? Salt

  9. In which US city are the Museum of Modern Art and Metropolitan Museum of Art? New York City

  10. What name is given to an arrangement of five objects in a square with one in each corner and one in the centre, as seen e.g. on a die? Quincunx


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