Specialist: (sports) physiotherapy

From the quiz on 15/9/15.

  1. By what name is the common sports injury lateral epicondylitis more commonly known? Tennis elbow

  2. Which muscle in the thigh, the longest in the human body, is so called because it is used in the cross-legged position formerly assumed by tailors? Sartorius

  3. For what does the injury treatment mnemonic RICE stand? Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

  4. Which joint of the human body is supported by a group of four muscles and their tendons known collectively as the rotator cuff? Shoulder

  5. Which ligament in the knee, commonly abbreviated ACL, is frequently torn while playing high-impact sports such as football and (according to the NHS) accounts for about 40% of all sports injuries? Anterior cruciate (ligament)


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