History 16

From the quiz on 15/9/15.

  1. Over which ocean was Amelia Earhart flying when she disappeared in 1937? Pacific Ocean

  2. In 1981, which Egyptian president was assassinated during a parade held on Armed Forces Day in commemoration of the Yom Kippur War? Anwar Sadat

  3. In which infamous French penal colony was Alfred Dreyfus imprisoned for nearly five years after his wrongful conviction in 1894? Devil’s Island (Île du Diable)

  4. What was the name of the informal 18th-century society led by Elizabeth Montagu, Elizabeth Vesey and others in which learned women could pursue their literary and intellectual interests? Bluestockings

  5. Which King of France, known as both Louis the Great and the Sun King, reigned for a record 72 years between 1643 and 1715? Louis XIV

  6. In which area of the City of London was William Wallace executed (hanged, drawn and quartered) in 1305 and Wat Tyler, leader of the Peasants’ Revolt, killed during a confrontational meeting with Richard II in 1381? Smithfield

  7. Which king led the Spartan forces at the 480 BC Battle of Thermopylae, where he was killed by a Persian army led by Xerxes I? Leonidas I

  8. In which modern-day country in Western Asia are the ruins of Petra, an ancient city noted for an extensive series of temples and tombs hewn into rose-red sandstone cliffs? Jordan

  9. In terms of number of ships, what was the largest naval battle of the First World War? Battle of Jutland

  10. Which (modern-day) Italian city lends its name to an edict made by Licinius and Constantine I in 313 AD that permanently established toleration of Christianity and freedom of religion within the Roman Empire? Milan


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