Fashion & beauty 3

From the quiz on 15/9/15.

  1. In knitting, what name is given to the opposite of a plain or knit stitch, i.e. (in right-handed knitting) one made by passing the needle through the front of the last stitch from right to left? Purl

  2. By what single name is English model and 60s fashion icon Lesley Lawson (née Hornby) more commonly known? Twiggy

  3. In a 2001 advert for Agent Provocateur that would later be banned, which singer rides a mechanical bull in the company’s sheer lingerie before inviting male members of the audience to stand up if they can? Kylie Minogue

  4. Which Chanel perfume commemorates Coco Chanel’s birthday? Chanel No. 19

  5. What type of sleeve, named after a British commander in the Crimean War, continues in one piece to the collar without a shoulder seam? Raglan

  6. In 2011, which member of the British royal family caused considerable fashion controversy by attending the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton wearing a large and ornate beige fascinator designed by Philip Treacy? Princess Beatrice

  7. What is the British name of the fashion retailer known in Ireland, where it was founded in 1969, as Penneys? Primark

  8. The Birkin and Kelly bags, respectively named after Jane Birkin and Grace Kelly, are exclusive designer handbags from which French fashion house? Hermès

  9. Extremely fashionable in the 1910s, what name is given to a style of skirt whose hem is so narrow as to impede the walking ability of the wearer? Hobble skirt

  10. According to Walter Isaacson’s authorized 2011 biography of Steve Jobs, which Japanese fashion designer created Jobs’s trademark black turtlenecks? Issey Miyake


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