General knowledge 48

From the quiz on 8/9/15.

  1. By what name were the sweets Starburst originally known? Opal Fruits

  2. Lake Garda is the largest lake (by area) in which European country? Italy

  3. For what does the name of the Afro-American civil rights organization NAACP stand? National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

  4. Which breed of dog appears on the cover of Blur’s album Parklife? Greyhound

  5. In the Land of the Soviets is the (subtitle of the) first volume of which long-running series of comics? (The Adventures of) Tintin

  6. How many of the 88 keys on a standard piano are white? 52

  7. According to the book of Exodus, Moses received the Ten Commandments atop which mountain? Mount Sinai

  8. What regnal name is shared by every King of England from the House of Lancaster? Henry

  9. What name, after the Belgian teacher who invented them, is given to a standardized set of coloured wooden rods of various lengths used for teaching children arithmetic? Cuisenaire rods

  10. Which animal was known historically as a ‘camelopard’ because it was thought to resemble a camel–leopard hybrid? Giraffe


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