Specialist: evolution

From the quiz on 1/9/15.

  1. In which ship did Charles Darwin sail to South America and Oceania between 1831 and 1836? HMS Beagle

  2. Having conducted extensive fieldwork in the Amazon basin and the Malay archipelago, which British naturalist co-discovered the theory of evolution by natural selection, publishing his ideas in an 1858 paper co-authored with Charles Darwin? Alfred Russel Wallace

  3. Which nerve of the neck, with a name commonly abbreviated RLN, is frequently cited as evidence of evolution in giraffes because of its extremely circuitous path from the brain? Recurrent laryngeal nerve

  4. In 1925, which American teacher was put on trial for allegedly violating Tennessee’s Butler Act, which forbade the teaching of human evolution in state schools? John Scopes

  5. What sort of mimicry, named after the English naturalist who discovered it, is exhibited by a harmless species imitating the warning signals of a harmful one in order to ward off common predators? Batesian mimicry


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