Science, nature & technology 14

From the quiz on 4/8/15.

  1. Who was the first woman in space? Valentina Tereshkova

  2. Where on the body does axillary hair grow? In the armpit

  3. In particle physics, which subatomic particle is composed of one up quark and two down quarks? Neutron

  4. In telecommunications, what does ADSL stand for? Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

  5. What specific name is given to a female swan? Pen

  6. In cryptography, what name is given to random data that is appended to a password before hashing to defend against rainbow table attacks? Salt

  7. Which French physicist proved in a paper published in 1821 that light is a transverse wave and gives his name to a type of flat compound lens that is commonly used in lighthouses? (Augustin-Jean) Fresnel

  8. Which toxic chemical element is the Marsh test used to detect? Arsenic

  9. In which organelles in green plant cells does photosynthesis take place? Chloroplasts

  10. In 1986, which Australian mathematician, then just ten years old, became the youngest winner of a medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad? Terence (Terry) Tao


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