Specialist: Disney

From the quiz on 28/7/15.

  1. In Finding Nemo, what is the only word ever spoken by the seagulls? Mine

  2. In the Tron universe, what is the name of the bikes that are raced and battled by programs in the Game Grid? Light cycle

  3. According to Tigger’s theme song, The Wonderful Thing about Tiggers, what is the most wonderful thing about Tiggers? “I’m the only one”

  4. Which Hungarian-born American actress and socialite voices Duchess in The Aristocats and Miss Bianca in The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under? Eva Gabor

  5. In Fantasia, what is the name of the sorcerer to whom Mickey Mouse is an apprentice? Yen Sid

  6. The first six Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film were all won by films from which Disney series (produced between 1929 and 1939)? Silly Symphony


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