Specialist: French Revolution

From the quiz on 14/7/15.

  1. In which month in 1792 were tens of hundreds of political prisoners killed by frenzied Parisians who believed they were conspiring to start a counterrevolution? September

  2. What was the name of the five-man governmental body that assumed executive control of France in 1795 following the downfall of the Committee of Public Safety? Directory

  3. On 5th October 1795, who dispersed a mass of royalist forces with, in the words of historian Thomas Carlyle, a “whiff of grapeshot”? Napoleon Bonaparte

  4. What is the name of the two-wheeled agricultural carts that were used to transport condemned prisoners to the guillotine? Tumbrels

  5. Ultimately deriving its name from the Latin for “grape harvest”, what was the first month of the French Revolutionary Calendar? Vendémiaire


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