Trivia collision 3

From the quiz on 7/7/15.

  1. Which word for a lucky occurrence can also refer to a parasitic worm and a triangular plate on the arm of an anchor? Fluke

  2. Which James Bond novel and film shares its title with a type of square sail and a colloquial term for an inhabitant of Wiltshire? Moonraker

  3. What name for an Indian ruler can also mean a small bump on a ski slope and a type of steam locomotive? Mogul

  4. Which single English word can mean average, to intend, very skilful or miserly? Mean

  5. Which French bread shares its name with the pen name of a World War II cartoonist and a type of buried explosive? Fougasse

  6. Which subatomic particle shares its name with a type of curd cheese commonly eaten in German-speaking and Nordic countries? Quark

  7. The name of which bird can also be a type of fabric, an American dance, a verb meaning to practise catching balls, and a friendly Cornish term of address? Shag

  8. Which fish is also the name of a hairstyle and a type of star? Mullet

  9. Which single English word can refer to a cannabis cigarette, a type of nautical jacket or a temperature-controlled transport vehicle? Reefer

  10. Which chili cultivar is also the name of the grippable protuberance on the back of a muzzle-loading cannon? Cascabel


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