Specialist: Cornwall

From the quiz on 30/6/15.

  1. In which Cornish town is Flora Day celebrated annually, usually on 8th May, the most well-known custom being the midday performance of the traditional furry dance? Helston

  2. What is the literal meaning of the word ‘emmet’ that is used pejoratively of tourists by Cornish locals? Ant

  3. In Cornish place names, what is the usual meaning of the element ‘port(h)’? Cove/bay

  4. Which song, sometimes referred to as the unofficial anthem of Cornwall, begins with the lines “A good sword and a trusty hand, / A merry heart and true! / King James’s men shall understand / What Cornish lads can do!”? Trelawny (The Song of the Western Men)

  5. In archaeology, what Cornish name is given to any of the stone-walled underground tunnels or chambers of unknown purpose found in many Cornish Iron Age settlements, two notable examples being Halliggye and Carn Euny? Fogou


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