Sport & games 11

From the quiz on 16/6/15.

  1. In curling, what name is given to the concentric-circular target? House

  2. Which first-class county cricket club use a daffodil as their emblem? Glamorgan

  3. On the weekend of 30th April/1st May 1994, Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna both died in crashes on which racing circuit? Imola

  4. Which football player holds the record for the most goals scored in FA Cup finals, all five of them for Liverpool between 1986 and 1992? Ian Rush

  5. Which US city has a professional basketball team called the Bucks, ice hockey team called the Admirals and baseball team called the Brewers? Milwaukee

  6. What is the (common) name of the trophy awarded to the winner of the Open golf championship? Claret Jug (formal name: Golf Champion Trophy)

  7. In 1988, which tennis player completed an unprecedented (and since unmatched) Golden Slam, winning the women’s singles titles at all four Majors and Olympic gold in the same year? Steffi Graf

  8. In which sport might one execute a swinging gate, a flea flicker and a fumblerooski, the latter of which is now illegal? American football

  9. In which French commune near the borders of both Italy and Switzerland were the very first Winter Olympics held in 1924? Chamonix

  10. Which South African rugby union player is both the Springboks’ most-capped player and the most-capped lock (for any country) in rugby history? Victor Matfield


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