Specialist: RMS Titanic

From the quiz on 16/6/15.

  1. At which port in Ireland did RMS Titanic make her final call on 11th April 1912 before setting sail for New York City? Queenstown (Cobh)

  2. How many lifeboats (including collapsibles) did RMS Titanic carry in total? 20

  3. What was the name of the nearby ship captained by Stanley Lord that had warned RMS Titanic of ice several hours prior to the collision but did not respond to her distress signals on account of a sleeping radio operator? SS Californian

  4. Who was second officer aboard RMS Titanic and the highest-ranking crew member to survive the sinking? Charles Lightoller

  5. Which French Neoclassicist painted La Circassienne au Bain, a painting that became infamous shortly after the sinking as the subject of the single largest compensation claim (equivalent to about $2.5m in 2015) for lost property against the White Star Line? (Merry-Joseph) Blondel


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