Specialist: programming

From the quiz on 2/6/15.

  1. Of which two words is the programming language FORTRAN a contraction? Formula translation (formula translator)

  2. Which American computer scientist created the TeX typesetting system and wrote the classic monograph The Art of Computer Programming? Donald Knuth

  3. In 1975, Microsoft released their first ever commercial product, an implementation for the Altair 8800 microcomputer of which high-level programming language? BASIC

  4. What is the name of the only legitimate child of Romantic poet Lord Byron, who is often cited as the world’s first computer programmer for her algorithm for computing Bernoulli numbers on Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine? Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron/King)

  5. Coined by Douglas Hofstadter and named after a 20th-century American philosopher, what name is given to a nontrivial computer program that produces its own source code as its only output? Quine


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