Science, nature & technology 11

From the quiz on 26/5/15.

  1. Which animal lives in a sett? Badger

  2. How many radians are there in 360 degrees? 2π (τ)

  3. In physics, the four fundamental forces are the weak nuclear force, the strong nuclear force and which two others? Gravitation (gravity) and electromagnetism

  4. Which bone of the human body, commonly known as the tailbone, is named for its resemblance to a cuckoo’s beak? Coccyx

  5. In computing, what does GIF stand for? Graphics Interchange Format

  6. The Sun generates its energy by the fusion of which element into which other? Hydrogen into helium

  7. Which Russian physiologist is best known for a series of experiments demonstrating that dogs can be conditioned to salivate not merely by the presentation of food but by any stimulus associated with that action? (Ivan) Pavlov

  8. How many pairs of ribs does an adult human normally have? 12

  9. Which symptom does an antipyretic drug assist in relieving? Fever

  10. What name is given to the transition of matter from solid to gas without an intermediate liquid phase? Sublimation


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