Geography 9

From the quiz on 21/4/15.

  1. Into which ocean does the Amazon flow? Atlantic Ocean

  2. Which two countries are connected by the Khyber Pass? Afghanistan and Pakistan

  3. Which is the largest (by area) and most populous of the Isles of Scilly? St Mary’s

  4. In which African country are the Ngorongoro crater and the Serengeti National Park? Tanzania

  5. The Mojave Desert lies within which four US states? California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona

  6. Which country has as its flag a vertical bicolour of white and red with a representation of the George Cross in the canton? Malta

  7. Fraser Island, the largest sand island in the world, is located just off the east coast of which country? Australia

  8. Into how many boroughs is London divided? 32 {NB: not counting the City of London, which is sometimes considered a borough for statistical purposes}

  9. The forint, subdivided into 100 fillér, is the standard monetary unit of which European country? Hungary

  10. Which Essex town claims to be Britain’s oldest recorded, its Roman name, Camulodunum, having been mentioned by Pliny the Elder in his AD 77 encyclopaedia Natural History? Colchester


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