General knowledge 28

From the quiz on 21/4/15.

  1. Which snooker player is nicknamed both The Rocket and The Essex Exocet? Ronnie O’Sullivan

  2. Which actress and pin-up was known as the Girl with the Million Dollar Legs? Betty Grable

  3. Whose official residence is Number One Observatory Circle, Washington DC? Vice President (of the United States)

  4. Which plant is pasted and used to make temporary tattoos in the ancient Indian art known as mehndi? Henna

  5. What was James I of England’s regnal number as King of Scotland? VI

  6. Which 1973 musical and 1975 film features the songs Sweet Transvestite and The Time Warp? The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show

  7. In Norse mythology, what animal are Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, who together pull Thor’s chariot? Goat

  8. Which flower do Marie Curie Cancer Care use as their emblem? Daffodil

  9. Charles Darwin was the grandson of which famous potter? Josiah Wedgwood

  10. In which precise aspect ratio, chosen so that it is preserved when a sheet is folded in half lengthways, is A-, B- and C-series paper produced? 1:√2 (or √2:1; accept √2)


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