General knowledge 26

From the quiz on 7/4/15.

  1. In which English county are the towns of Broadstairs, Margate and Royal Tunbridge Wells? Kent

  2. In Roman mythology, who is the god of the sea? Neptune

  3. Bobby’, the colloquial term for a policeman, comes from the name of which UK Prime Minister? Robert Peel

  4. What nationality are models Elle Macpherson, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Miranda Kerr? Australian

  5. In heraldry, what colour is gules? Red

  6. In The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, what is Dorothy’s surname? Gale

  7. According to the book of Genesis, on which pair of Turkish mountains did Noah’s ark come to rest after the Flood? Ararat

  8. Which English big beat group was founded in 1990 by Liam Howlett? The Prodigy

  9. Which British aircraft manufacturer produced the Spitfire? Supermarine

  10. What is the latest date on which Easter Sunday can fall? 25th April


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