Specialist: Chad

From the quiz on 24/3/15.

  1. From which European country did Chad achieve independence in 1960? France

  2. In which three countries other than Chad itself is Lake Chad located (at its maximum seasonal extent)? Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger

  3. Chad Kroeger is lead vocalist and guitarist of which Canadian rock band? Nickelback

  4. With which neighbouring country did Chad have periodic skirmishes from the mid-1970s till the late 1980s, the central area of conflict being the northernmost Chadian territory known as the Aozou Strip? Libya

  5. As of 2003, when it superseded the traditional cotton, which commodity provides Chad with the vast majority of its export revenues? (Crude) oil

  6. In which year did the US presidential election depend crucially on a recount in Florida, in particular the question of validity of ballots with partially-punched chad? 2000


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