Science, nature & technology 8

From the quiz on 17/3/15.

  1. Which chemical element, its name derived from the Latin for “rainbow” on account of its many colourful compounds, has the chemical symbol Ir? Iridium

  2. On the Internet, for what does the colloquial abbreviation HTH stand? Hope this (that) helps

  3. How many stomach compartments do ruminant mammals have? 4

  4. Who in 1961 became the first American to travel in space and in 1971 the fifth person to walk on the Moon? Alan Shepard

  5. Which irrational number, typically denoted by the Greek letter φ and equal to the limiting ratio of consecutive Fibonacci numbers, has been used since the Greeks as an aesthetically-pleasing proportion in art, architecture and many other creative fields? Golden ratio

  6. Dungeness, Fiddler and Velvet are all species of which animal? Crab

  7. What is the SI unit of frequency? Hertz

  8. What name, from the Latin for “to bind”, is given to the human connective tissue that joins bones to other bones? Ligament

  9. The majority of species of birds of paradise are found on which Pacific island, the second largest island in the world (after Greenland)? New Guinea

  10. Which German chemist co-discovered caesium and rubidium with Gustav Kirchhoff in the early 1860s using the newly-developed method of flame spectroscopy? Robert Bunsen


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