Entertainment 10

From the quiz on 17/3/15.

  1. Which Irishman is the only person to have won both the Nobel Prize in Literature and an Academy Award? George Bernard Shaw

  2. Eric McCormack and Debra Messing play the title characters in which American sitcom? Will & Grace

  3. In Kiki’s Delivery Service, what is the name of Kiki’s pet cat? Jiji

  4. What was the first Call of Duty game to be set during the Cold War? (Call of Duty:) Black Ops

  5. In The IT Crowd, for which company do Roy, Moss and Jen work? Reynholm Industries

  6. What was both Clark Gable’s and Marilyn Monroe’s final film appearance? The Misfits

  7. In which Asian city is Lost in Translation set? Tokyo

  8. Who was the original presenter of University Challenge? Bamber Gascoigne

  9. Which British video game company created the Worms series? Team17

  10. Although not the first to be released, the 1928 short film Plane Crazy was the first production to star which cartoon character?  Mickey Mouse (or Minnie)


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