Geography 7

From the quiz on 3/3/15.

  1. In which African country is the city of Timbuktu? Mali

  2. Which South American city was named partially for its discovery by Portuguese explorers on New Year’s Day, 1502? Rio de Janeiro

  3. What is the standard monetary unit of Poland? Złoty

  4. Which Arab country’s flag is charged with a green cedar tree? Lebanon

  5. The merlion, a creature with the head of a lion and body of a fish, is a national symbol of which Asian country? Singapore

  6. In US geography, what name is given to a narrow strip of land projecting from one state into another? Panhandle

  7. Which two European countries are connected by the Simplon Pass and Great St Bernard Pass? Italy and Switzerland

  8. Which strait separates Alaska from Russia? Bering Strait

  9. Fastnet Rock is the most southerly point of which European country? Ireland

  10. Which English county town did Charles Dickens call “the dullest and most stupid spot on the face of the earth”? Chelmsford

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