Trivia snake 7

From the quiz on 24/2/15.

  1. Who is the feral child protagonist of Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book? Mowgli

  2. Which technology company is sometimes known as the Big Blue? IBM

  3. Tom Bawcock is a legendary fisherman from which Cornish village? Mousehole

  4. Declan Patrick McManus is the real name of which singer–songwriter? Elvis Costello

  5. In the arcade game Joust, what bird does the first player ride? Ostrich

  6. What is the capital of the Australian state of Tasmania? Hobart

  7. For which 1957 film did Alec Guinness win his only Academy Award? The Bridge on the River Kwai

  8. Which soft drink is sometimes referred to as “Scotland’s other national drink”? Irn-Bru

  9. In which constellation is the asterism known as the Plough (or Big Dipper)? Ursa Major

  10. What is the largest and busiest port in Europe? Rotterdam


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