Specialist: Internet memes

From the quiz on 17/2/15.

  1. In which 1976 book by Richard Dawkins was the word “meme” coined? The Selfish Gene

  2. Which imageboard website, founded in 2003 by Christopher Poole (alias moot), is responsible for many popular Internet memes? 4chan

  3. In the bait and switch meme known as Rickrolling, unsuspecting users are linked to the music video for which 1987 Rick Astley song? Never Gonna Give You Up

  4. SunStroke Project, whose 2010 Eurovision entry Run Away spawned the Epic Sax Guy meme, and O-Zone, whose song Dragostea Din Tei inspired the viral video Numa Numa, are pop groups from which Eastern European country? Moldova

  5. Which breed of dog is used in the meme known as doge, which consists of a picture of the dog along with a broken-English internal monologue in multicoloured Comic Sans? Shiba Inu


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