Specialist: aquatic invertebrates

From the quiz on 17/2/15.

  1. What is the name of the smooth, often iridescent substance that forms the inner layer of the shell of some molluscs, notably abalones and oysters? Mother-of-pearl (nacre)

  2. Of which group of marine invertebrates are crisp pillow, elkhorn and organ pipe all species? Coral

  3. Which mollusc is the world’s largest invertebrate (as measured by mass), having surpassed the giant squid after the 2007 discovery of a specimen weighing almost 500kg? Colossal squid

  4. What name, from the Greek for “hedgehog skin”, is given to any animal of a phylum that contains the sea urchins, starfish and sea cucumbers? Echinoderm

  5. Often cited as the loudest living animal, which crustacean uses an outsize claw to produce a sound reaching over 200 decibels in less than a millisecond, enough to stun and even kill small fish? Pistol shrimp (snapping shrimp)


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