General knowledge 20

From the quiz on 17/2/15.

  1. What was royally sealed by King John at Runnymede in 1215? Magna Carta

  2. Who voices Woody in Toy Story? Tom Hanks

  3. Who was lead singer and guitarist with Derek and the Dominos? Eric Clapton

  4. Who in 1988 became the first person to represent the UK in Olympic ski jumping? Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards

  5. What is the longest river entirely in England? Thames

  6. What is the literal meaning of the Indian title and surname Singh? Lion

  7. Richard D. James is the real name of which prolific electronic music producer? Aphex Twin

  8. Where on the body would winklepickers, brothel creepers and espadrilles be worn? On the feet

  9. In which European city is the Anne Frank House museum situated? Amsterdam

  10. In the rave subculture, what does PLUR stand for? Peace, love, unity, respect


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