General knowledge 19

From the quiz on 10/2/15.

  1. In bingo, which number is nicknamed “legs”? 11

  2. In Norse mythology, which god wields a hammer called Mjölnir? Thor

  3. What was the title of Oasis’s début album? Definitely Maybe

  4. The Scottish soup cullen skink is traditionally made with which fish? Haddock

  5. The Maple Leafs are an ice hockey team from which Canadian city? Toronto

  6. In Private Eye, who is known as Brenda? The Queen

  7. In which Arizona town did the 1881 Gunfight at the O.K. Corral take place? Tombstone

  8. Who wrote Charlotte’s Web and Stuart Little? E. B. White

  9. Haematite is one of the principal ores of which elemental metal? Iron

  10. In 2010, which midfielder broke Robbie Savage’s record for the greatest number of yellow cards received in the Premier League? Lee Bowyer


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