Trivia snake 5

From the quiz on 9/12/14.

  1. In which country did the 1815 Battle of Waterloo take place? Belgium

  2. Who was the first person to win Nobel Prizes in two different fields? Marie Curie

  3. The Galápagos Islands are part of the territory of which country? Ecuador

  4. Which grain is used to make the bread pumpernickel? Rye

  5. What was Stanley Kubrick’s final film as director? Eyes Wide Shut

  6. In Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, who is Queen of the Fairies? Titania

  7. Which Essex-born snooker player is nicknamed The Captain? Ali Carter

  8. Which musician narrated the first two series of Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends? Ringo Starr

  9. Brian Ferry was the lead singer of which British art rock band? Roxy Music

  10. What is the SI unit of electric charge? Coulomb


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