General knowledge 16

From the quiz on 27/1/15.

  1. Which English football club are known as the Toffees? Everton

  2. Who was the subject of the 1962 photoshoot The Last Sitting? Marilyn Monroe

  3. In Morse code, which letter is represented by a single dot? E

  4. KLM is the flag carrier airline of which European country? Netherlands

  5. Which Cornish landmark is known in Cornish as Karrek Loos yn Koos, or “grey rock in the wood”? St Michael’s Mount

  6. McKinley Morganfield is the real name of which blues singer–songwriter? Muddy Waters

  7. In which Shakespeare play do the Weird Sisters appear? Macbeth

  8. John A. Macdonald was the first Prime Minister of which country? Canada

  9. Who had a backing band called The Mothers of Invention? Frank Zappa

  10. What is the closest US state to Africa? Maine


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