Geography 4

From the quiz on 20/1/15.

  1. What sort of geographical feature does a spelunker explore? Caves

  2. In which Northern Irish county is the Giant’s Causeway located? Antrim

  3. Which channel separates Madagascar from the African mainland? Mozambique Channel

  4. What is the title of the Welsh national anthem? (Mae) Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau ([Old] Land of My Fathers)

  5. With which countries does Russia have its longest and shortest land borders? Kazakhstan (longest); North Korea (shortest)

  6. The George Washington Bridge, the world’s busiest bridge by motor vehicle traffic, connects which two American states? New York and New Jersey

  7. Into which sea does the Nile flow? Mediterranean

  8. Which country was formerly known as British Honduras? Belize

  9. Eight of the ten highest mountains in the world lie at least partially within which country? Nepal

  10. What is the only national capital city to begin with the letter I? Islamabad


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