Specialist: YouTube

From the quiz on 13/1/15.

  1. What was YouTube’s two-word slogan that was in use from late 2005 to late 2012? Broadcast Yourself

  2. Catie Wayne, who rose to Internet fame on YouTube in early 2009 with her extremely energetic video logs, is better known under what pseudonym? Boxxy

  3. With over 33 million subscribers (as of this month), which Swedish video game commentator and Let’s Player has the most subscribed channel on YouTube? PewDiePie

  4. In 2006, which YouTube web series, chronicling the life of an ostensibly real teenage girl named Bree Avery, was exposed as a work of fiction? lonelygirl15

  5. With over four million dislikes (as of this month), which song’s video is the most disliked video on YouTube? Justin Bieber – Baby


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