Specialist: Kurt Vonnegut

From the quiz on 13/1/15.

  1. In Slaughterhouse-Five, in which German state capital, controversially firebombed in mid-February 1945, is the titular slaughterhouse located? Dresden

  2. Which three-word phrase is strongly associated with Vonnegut and is repeated throughout Slaughterhouse-Five whenever someone dies? So it goes

  3. In which of Vonnegut’s novels does a fictional and lethal polymorph of water called ice-nine end up destroying the world? Cat’s Cradle

  4. Which sci-fi author, most famous for his 1953 novel More Than Human, was the inspiration for the recurring Vonnegut character Kilgore Trout? Theodore Sturgeon

  5. Which punctuation mark did Vonnegut call a “transvestite hermaphrodite representing absolutely nothing”, adding that “all they do is show you’ve been to college”? Semicolon


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