General knowledge 14

From the quiz on 13/1/15.

  1. Which region of England is officially defined as Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and the unitary authority of Peterborough? East Anglia

  2. In which card game are Standard American, Precision Club and Acol used? (Contract) bridge

  3. Which royal residence is the only building with the postcode SW1A 1AA? Buckingham Palace

  4. In computing, what does LAN stand for? Local Area Network

  5. What is Elvis Presley’s middle name? Aaron

  6. The Rupert Bear comic has been published since 1920 in which national newspaper? Daily Express

  7. To which Greek goddess is the Parthenon dedicated? Athena

  8. Cellophane, Velcro and the bathyscaphe were all invented by natives of which country? Switzerland

  9. Which Tory politician wrote the comic novel Seventy-Two Virgins? Boris Johnson

  10. What name, literally meaning “morning sun”, is shared by a Japanese brewery, a Japanese newspaper, a Japanese television network and a Japanese pre-dreadnought battleship sunk by USS Salmon during World War II? Asahi


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