Trivia snake 3

From the quiz on 21/10/14.

  1. With which country does Denmark have its only land border? Germany

  2. In which English city was Dick Turpin hanged and Guy Fawkes born? York

  3. Which British comedian and radio DJ was born Maurice James Christopher Cole in Seaforth, Lancashire in 1944? Kenny Everett

  4. Sharleen Spiteri is the lead singer of which Scottish band? Texas

  5. What nationality were the first two winners of the Miss World beauty pageant? Swedish

  6. Which element makes up almost three quarters of the mass of the Sun? Hydrogen

  7. What name, from the Latin for “ship”, is given to the main body of a church? Nave

  8. Which African country was formerly known as Abyssinia? Ethiopia

  9. Which football stadium has stands called the Centenary Stand and the Kop? Anfield

  10. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” is a classic line from which 1987 film? Dirty Dancing


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