Sport & games 3

From the quiz on 9/12/14.

  1. Who did Andy Murray defeat in the 2013 Wimbledon Men’s Singles final? Novak Đoković

  2. Which English football club are nicknamed The Baggies and play their home games at The Hawthorns? West Bromwich Albion

  3. In bowls, what name is given to the small white target ball? Jack (kitty)

  4. Which Bath-trained athlete won Britain’s only gold medal at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver? Amy Williams

  5. Cricket bats are traditionally made of which wood? Willow

  6. In 1956, which chess prodigy, then just thirteen years old, defeated Donald Byrne in the so-called Game of the Century? Bobby Fischer

  7. How many players comprise a netball team? 7

  8. In tiddlywinks, what name is given to the large disc used to propel winks into the pot? (Not a tiddly or a tiddler.) Squidger

  9. What sport is played by the Toronto Argonauts, Hamilton Tiger-Cats and Calgary Stampeders? Canadian football

  10. In match play golf, what name is given to the situation in which one player is ahead by as many holes as there are left to play? Dormy


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