Sport & games 2

From the quiz on 11/11/14.

  1. In golf, what name is given to a score of three under par on a single hole? Albatross (double eagle)

  2. Which snooker player is nicknamed The Whirlwind? Jimmy White

  3. Yokozuna, literally meaning “horizontal rope”, is the highest rank in which sport? Sumo

  4. From which sport do the English expressions “step up to the plate” and “double header” originate? Baseball

  5. Which country hosted the Summer Olympics in 1900 and 1924 and the Winter Olympics in 1924, 1968 and 1992? France

  6. Who is the only person to have won the FIFA World Cup both as captain and as manager? Franz Beckenbauer

  7. Dwayne Johnson is the real name of which professional wrestler? The Rock

  8. Which tennis Grand Slam tournament is the only one played on clay? French Open

  9. Who captained the so-called Invincibles, Australia’s Test cricket team who in 1948 played an entire tour of England without losing a match? Don Bradman

  10. The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships are held each year in which European country? Finland


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